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Why Do Students Choose to Study Business Disciplines in 2021?

Today, MBA is one of the most highly-demanded degrees. Business- and computer-oriented students strive to enroll in the top...

Apr 13 · 2 min read >
Student studying

Opinion Essay Writing: Helpful Tips for Students

How to write an opinion essay: Working guidelines What is an opinion essay, and how do you clearly state...

Apr 12 · 2 min read >
Woman writing down notes on agenda

5 Effective Tips to Help You Write an Essay That is Interesting to Read

Throughout your education journey, you’ll be required to write quite a few essays in school and college. Unfortunately, most...

Mar 25 · 3 min read >
Woman writing notes in paper notebook.

7 Best Ways to Learn English by Yourself

As one of the most spoken languages on the planet, English is the native language of countries such as...

Mar 25 · 2 min read >
Black woman sitting on windowsill, working on laptop, distance online learning preparing for an exam

The Motivation for Learning English

English is not only the language of native speakers. It is also a communication tool used every day by...

Mar 23 · 2 min read >

6 Excuses That Prevent Us From Learning

Training is a turning point not only in one’s career but also in life. After taking courses and improving...

Mar 23 · 4 min read >
A students group learning at school academy.

Effect of Stress During Exams on the Body of Students

Whether students are freshmen or undergraduates, their academic years create multiple opportunities for stress. Even a student who works...

Mar 23 · 3 min read >
Stressed entrepreneur

Self-education: where to start and how not to quit

Schools and universities dominate the world of education. However, studying is more difficult than getting a diploma, otherwise, there...

Mar 16 · 9 min read >
Self education and e learning concept. Satisfied black female volunteer tries to explain her strateg

8 Common English Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Who needs Spelling Bee in the 21st century? Nowadays, you do not really need to memorize difficult long words...

Mar 13 · 4 min read >
English class

8 Grammar Rules – Can We Break Them?

Following grammar rules in English as a foreign language is important if we want to speak correctly. It is...

Mar 13 · 1 min read >
Explaining grammar rules of english grammar online. Smiling man looks at camera and communicates with